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18k Gold Filled Pearl Ear Climber Style Earrings

18k Gold Filled Pearl Ear Climber Style Earrings


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18k Gold filled pearl ear climber style earrings. A simple jewelry that makes your stand out from the crowd.

  • 1 inch long ear climber style
  • 4mm Simulated pearls
  • Hypoallergenic & waterproof
  • Handcrafted in Brazil


GoldFi Corp. uses sustainable materials with a mission to manufacture jewelry ethically.

  • Most of our brass is recycled.
  • Our source of gold comes primarily from certified fair mining gold by Ouro Minas in Brazil, which is ISO14000 certified.
  • Ethical working conditions.
  • We recycle our precious metals.
  • The water used in the manufacturing process is treated to return it purely to its original form to nature.

Care Instructions

GoldFi jewelry is delicate and needs care, so they are always perfect.

1. It's best to avoid contact with chemicals and cleaning products as a general precaution. It's recommended that you remove anything that may come into contact with these products when handling them.

2. For optimal protection of your jewelry, it is advised to refrain from applying perfume directly onto it. The alcohol component in fragrance can cause gradual harm to your jewelry. Rather, use the scent on your body before wearing your beloved jewelry and allow a few minutes for it to settle in.

3. we recommend washing the piece with mild soap and pure water for the best results. Avoid using cleaning products, as they can damage the item. This method is safe for daily use and effectively removes grease. Be sure to dry the piece thoroughly; a hair dryer can be used if needed. =)

4. For safe and effective polishing of your items, it is imperative that you use a flannel cloth. Uric acid, chemicals, and intense light can all cause oxidation, but using a clean cloth can be easily remedied. Ensure you always have a flannel cloth for prompt and efficient cleaning.

5. To ensure the safety and longevity of your jewelry, it is crucial to store it in a clean and dry spot. We recommend the opp bag that comes with it. It is wise to avoid exposing it to sunlight, humidity, light, and scented or dyed materials as much as possible. Doing so allows you to preserve your jewelry for an extended period effectively.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Delilah Trueman
Pearl Ear Climber Style Earrings

I love the illusion this earrings gives of various piercings. I think these earrings are very elegant . These are very fashionable.

Jeyli Newman
So cute !

I love it so much! It’s so unique and I get so many compliments when I wear it. 10/10 recommend!!

Marla Sanders
Super cute!

These are super cute! I love how they look, and the quality feels great. Also I love how the back side is adjustable so you can fix it to fit comfortable in your ear.

Marcia Silva
This is such a cool earring!

This is such a cool earring! I love the way it looks on my ear, I always wanted to get the multiple earring type look but was too afraid to get more piercings and this piece allowed me to do just that.

It looks really nice, I have a very sensitive skin but have been using this everyday since I received it and it does not cause me any type of skin reaction. Supper happy with this purchase, and definitely recommend it.

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