Genuinely Made of Fine 18k Gold Filled Jewelry in Brazil

We strive to meticulously manufacture the highest quality jewelry of 18k gold filled to have our customers plenty satisfied with our final product.

We begin studying tendencies and women jewelry and accessories desires. After profound analyses we dedicate and immerse ourselves to create pieces that every detail is so important for us and mainly to our customers. Imagine a chain with right dimensions, length, correct extender or without one. Think how many questions we have, because every detail is about you. It's about our customers wearing a GoldFi piece of jewelry. 

We manufacture the raw jewelry. It can be casting which is the same process as solid gold, but instead we inject brass metal to transform a solid expensive piece of fine jewelry in demi-fine jewelry. Making every piece accessible and affordable to everyone. 

Also can be stamping process for pendants, tube process for the hoop earrings and so many other process involved in manufacturing jewelry. We are able to produce fine jewelry pieces in the composition process. 

And then, we have the heavily plating process. Which receives not only copper base giving a special luster, but three layers of fine gold. The first layer is 24k gold with a function of sealing completely every uncover raw piece. The second and most important is the thickest one where because of this process and the quantity of gold poured on it the jewelry becomes a demi-fine jewelry as nowadays known. Because a fine metal is mainly part of the the not fine metals. And the last gold layer is a flash of 22kt gold to better finish the details of the gold luster and color.

You will be amazed how our demi-fine jewelry is as perfect as solid gold jewelry. 


Galvano Jóias