GoldFi Selling Jewelry On Etsy Marketplace

Selling Jewelry On Etsy Marketplace

Becoming a jewelry seller is easier than you think. Selling jewelry online is rewarding, especially if you don't like to deal with large packages and love to work with elegant and sophisticated people. Margins are between 50% to 70% and can bring you a fast return on investment. The jewelry industry market size is 34 billion dollars, enough for you to be part of it. There are approximately 57k businesses and 125k people. (font

The most important thing when dealing with jewelry is finding a manufacturer or distributor that works with a high-quality product at the right price. Only manufacturers can provide you with these two crucial components: Quality and Low Cost. Be diligent and look for the answers when investigating your supplier. It is imperative to know where they manufacture, and their experience can help you achieve your plans. 

Etsy is one of the best ways to start your business online. Before deciding to work with this marketplace, you should understand the advantages and essential facts of having your store on Etsy.

Why Etsy?

  • Anyone can do it, and it's straightforward to manage.
  • You don't need to open a business; just work with your social security number, email, and credit card.
  • You can keep it private. After all, working in secret is very rewarding.
  • You can keep your costs low.
  • You can start small and grow big. 97% of sellers shop from home.

Etsy Important Demographics For Jewelry Business.

  • In 2020, there were 81 million active buyers on Etsy.
  • The typical Etsy customer is a female between 18 to 35 years old.
  • Jewelry is one of the top categories for most popular products.
  • Over 80% of shoppers are women.

Essential Tips to Configure Your Jewelry Listing

  1. Pictures and Movies - People are afraid of photographs for jewelry; there is no reason to worry. You must have a phone with a good camera. Always clean up the lenses and try to take jewelry pictures of many positions with an excellent background. The sun's natural light can help you a lot with lifestyle pictures. Every listing must have a 10 seconds movie; it is a great way to demonstrate briefly and effectively your jewelry.
  2. Title - You must be precise here because people will find your product easier if you have the right keywords. Search online before proceeding with your final title. You always must look for unique and well-used words.
  3. Category and Products Details - always choose "someone in your shop manufactures your product," and "made to order" is a tricky choice to be considered a craftsman.  Try to detail as much as possible, choosing from the material, dimensions, closures, and recycled material. 
  4. Description - Here is vital to have some essential, meaningful information about the product. You should be keen on product details and consider everything relevant to inform and be accessible to your customers.
  5. Tags are a very critical tool for creating specific words. You have 13 tags to be added, and it is imperative to use them all. Using the right way will grow the probability of being found on search engines. Be creative and concise. 
  6. Harmonized Tariff - For everything but studs is 7117.19, and for studs 7117.11
  7. Shipping - You just choose over 35 dollars free shipping to attract customers and let Etsy charge for the shipping when it is below this amount. 

Etsy is an excellent opportunity for small business owners to expand their shops and for future entrepreneurs to earn a decent living. You can start small with a few products and grow your collection little by little. Most important, you can reach a point where you can have peace of mind financially. 




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