How Good Is Your Product?

How good is your product?

This is the most important question someone has ever asked me. It made me think deeply how I can describe my love and dedication to the world of jewelry. Thus, I decided to put in words how good GoldFi Jewelry is. 

What kind of jewelry do we sell?

We sell premium alternative and cost effective jewelry in comparison to solid gold. We are proud the way we manufacture since our jewelry uses 18k gold or 14k gold as fine finish. 

Do you manufacture or resell your jewelry?

Yes, we have manufactured jewelry since 1996. We have different process for different categories of our jewelry such as: casting, stamping, assembling and fine metal process. We not only manufacture premium gold-filled but silver-filled, vermeil, gold plated and silver plated as well.  

Where is your factory located?

Because of our expertise in jewelry we have manufactured our jewelry in Sao Paulo Brazil. The labor is highly qualified and our technology is superior for the gold quality. 

Why do you mainly use 18k gold on your jewelry?

In the US the 14k gold is mostly used for jewelry, however it represents 58% pureness. On the other hand, 18k gold is 75% pure and is mainly used in Italy, one of the best locations for jewelry quality and fashion designs. For this reason, we mainly use fine 18k gold for our process. We have 14k gold to our findings and are introducing little by little the 14k option to the US market.

Why is your product inexpensive?

Because you are buying directly from the factory. Besides, as a pure online business you don’t have overhead of store rents, employees, etc. We keep our cost in the US very low.

Does your product tarnish?

No. If for any reason, any 18k gold filled tarnish to black or green color is because IT IS NOT GOLD FILLED. Simple like that. Buy only from trusted suppliers. We have 1/20 5% gold policy in our jewelry. 

Is your product hypoallergenic?

Yes, all of our products are hypoallergenic, which means, manufactured under strict health guidance regulations. We have complied with CA prop 65 and EU regulations.

Is your product water resistant?

Yes, it is. You can wash them with water without any problem. 

How good is your product? 

After 26 years in this industry, I can personally guarantee you: We are the best in the industry.