GoldFi Why Tiffany & Co does not offer 14k gold jewelry?

Why Tiffany & Co does not offer 14k gold jewelry?

-"Because 18k gold is more valuable". (Cynthia - Tiffany website chat operator)

I was so intrigued by visiting Tiffany's webpage and discovering that they only deal in 18k gold jewelry that I decided to write this blog. Customers need to understand why this move from the world's most prominent jewelry company means so much to the US market.

The luxury market is all about details in your product that make life more enjoyable. And the only way to make a personal item to meet these requirements is through fine materials. In the case of jewelry, it is in the quality of precious stones, pearls, diamonds with certificates, the best silver, platinum, and especially quality gold.

Tiffany's is a well-experienced company, its lavish and whimsical designs are part of its culture and history collection. Manufacturing only the best luxury jewelry, even the most uncomplicated design, deserves the best quality materials and finish. Another important aspect is the finish of 18k gold jewelry. Very attractive and with exquisite depth color, 18k gold is more acceptable in almost every part of the globe.

We from GoldFi, have the same appreciation for fine jewelry artistry, and only with the use of our knowledge to get the best materials is it possible to elaborate fashion jewelry in a superb caliber. Most of our gold-filled jewelry receives 18k gold for the sumptuously rich finish because we understand value and quality. 

Now, whenever you think that every gold-filled is created equal, that's naive . You must diligently buy direct from a company able to give you all you need to make your jewelry brand. We design, we manufacture, and we wholesale.

For those who don't know the difference between 18k and 14k gold, here's a comparison:

18k Gold 14k Gold
75% Pure Gold 58% Pure Gold
Rich Yellow Color Light Yellow Tone
25% Impurity (Alloys) 42% Impurity (Alloys)


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