GoldFi GoldFi Jewelry Quality Tested In Our Home

GoldFi Jewelry Quality Tested In Our Home

I have three daughters, and they have always worn our GoldFi Jewels. The same one we sell online. And the reason I'm mentioning this because, in a conversation with my eldest daughter Ludmilla, she told me about an exciting experience with our jewelry quality that made me want to write this blog.

She always wore our jewelry and perceived a product that never fades. She sleeps with the jewelry on, does sports, takes a shower, swims with them, goes to the beach, school, etc. She's the type who never takes off her jewelry and has never had any problems. Therefore, her jewelry quality standard was set higher than all others regarding the shelf life of "costume jewelry".

When she met her boyfriend Anthony a few years ago, he gave her a beautiful "gold plated" heart necklace, and she was very excited to see such a beautiful piece. She immediately started wearing it just like our jewelry, but it faded out in less than a month, ultimately losing the "gold" on it. She was disappointed and only then realized the quality of the jewelry made by her parents.

Our family has worked with jewelry since 1980. When gold-filled appeared as a solution to the expensive solid gold jewelry, it was a revolution in how jewelry could be accessible and have excellent quality simultaneously. 

Every customer was highly content with a great product that could replicate a piece of fine gold jewelry for a fraction of the price. Most important, it was not a replica because it was not only introducing a new technology process but new designs with the advent of more accessible manufacturing activity. 

Nowadays, with so much information on the internet, people are inclined to believe in the first article or information read, creating confusion in the definition of the jewelry category. Bellow, I have summarized each critical description.

  • Fine Jewelry                                                                                                                                                                                                                      It is the most intricate manufacturing process. Mainly handcrafted with extreme precision using the highest quality precious metals and gems. Price is very high and volatile upon oscillating commodity prices in the market. You can have it for a lifetime and pass it on from generation to generation.                                                                                                                             
  • Costume Jewelry                                                                                                                                                                                                              It is the most inexpensive accessory on the market. It is made of very cheap materials to bring the cost as low as possible. Accessible to everyone but confusing whenever a golden color is used since it is very similar to real gold. Can cause allergies, and many people can not use them. Lifespan is very short and is easily identified as fake jewelry.                          
  • Demi-Fine Jewelry - GoldFi                                                                                                                                                                                             It is a great and unique solution for customers who care about having quality jewelry without breaking the bank. Base metal is made of quality materials like silver, copper, or brass. The stones could be lab diamonds, cubic zirconia, or any accessible gemstone to be part of the process. Pearls are usually simulated or from freshwater pearls, depending upon customer request. And most important only fine metal is used as the finished product. To be classified as demi-fine jewelry,  there is a specification of 5% of the piece’s weight as a quality standard. The lifespan of this type of jewelry depends on how it is kept and worn, but generally for years.     

Nowadays, Ludmilla has her online jewelry store called Mondsee Jewelry, and she sells online, educating many young customers about quality.

She remains in love with her boyfriend, Anthony.

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